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Control Panel

To offer its clients a complete technical package allowing them to maximise the operating productivity of the transport system used, Verne Technology has designed a completely pneumatic control panel.
Installed quickly and simply on board the machine or onto our specific trolley, with just four fastener screws and a connection to the compressed air supply, the Control Panel is immediately operational.

  • Structure specifically designed for quick and easy connection to NEA 430 and NEA 230 transport systems
  • Compressed air output and operating functions of NEA transport systems controlled manually or, if interfaced with a PLC system, automatically.
  • Includes 2 free utilities to cater simply and effectively to additional production needs of the client, such as:
    • Compressed air feed and control of pneumatic vibrator mounted on our trolley
    • Compressed air feed and control of fluidised bed feeder

Technical specifications

EC conformity Atex II 3 D c T6
Minimum Inlet pressure 6 bar
Compressed air output line 1/2″
Dimensions of NEA Control Panel mm 600 x 450 x 250
Weight Kg