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Five years of designing, testing and validation conducted by our engineering department have allowed Verne Technology to register numerous patent applications throughout 2016 regarding fully pneumatic transport systems for powders, granulates and polymers. Based in Milan, Verne Technology counts on the support of a highly-qualified team of engineers, specialised workers and suppliers with proven technical expertise to deliver superlative quality solutions to a market that demands increasingly higher standards.

Verne Technology is both proud and confident of its products, which are all ATEX certified and made entirely in Italy, and boast undeniable advantages over even the best international competitor.



With a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the years, our technical research and development staff can design and construct transport systems tailored to the individual specifications and needs of the client.


Production process in the pharmaceutics industry must comply with particularly stringent requisites, as must the powder delivery equipment and machinery used in the processes themselves. Verne Technology transport systems ensure consistent, dependable compliance with the high-quality standards and good manufacturing practices applicable for pharmaceutical production processes.



Verne Technology designs and builds innovative solutions ensuring precision and continuity in the metering and delivery of powder products. Our high-density transport systems for industrial painting applications manage the entire powder handling process from delivery to the painting line to recovery.



In the foodstuffs industry, properly designed and installed equipment and machinery for the transport of raw materials play just a crucial a role as the integrity and quality of the process itself. Verne Technology transport systems are constructed to comply with the exacting quality standards required by industries in this sector.